Do you need to have an estate sale?

At Armstrong Estate sales, we generaly sell every single item in and around your home. A sale often occurs after or during a major transition for the family. An estate sale can last anywhere from one to several days depending on the contents and value within the home.


Estate Sales are designed to liquidate the contents of a home in order to maximize gross sale proceeds for the seller, and prepare the home for next steps.

Is Everything For Sale?

Typically, yes, although certain items may convey with the property.

What does the sale process look like?

At Armstrong Estate Sales, we manage every step from start to finish:

  1. Remove all trash from the home, clean out every cabinet, drawer and closet, and donate unsellable items.
  2. Organize, stage, and prepare items for sale.
  3. Appraise and assign value to all items to be sold. If we believe there are items of value that are not within our area of expertise, we may choose to engage an outside appraiser having the necessary expertise, at our expense.
  4. We market the sale through advertisements, websites, social media, signs and banners, and other local outlets.
  5. Any items remaining after the sale will be donated to selected charities and organizations, unless otherwise instructed by the family prior to contract execution.
  6. The final step of an estate sale is a “home sweep out.”

Who shops at estate sales?

Armstrong Estate Sales clients are generally antique and vintage dealers and store owners in and around the greater Austin area. We also serve local bargain hunters and clients looking for quality vintage and antique items at a reasonable price. Estate sales are a fantastic place to find quality original artwork, gold and silver jewelry, tools, and vintage fire-arms. Most estate sales have long lines of eager shoppers bright and early before sales begin.

We are open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis, and every item is sold “as-is.” We do not offer refunds. Armstrong Estate Sales accepts several forms of payment; credit cards, cash and venmo.

Please send us an email or call us with any questions you may have, or to set up a meeting. We look forward to helping your family.

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