Sale Details:

We suggest the following dates:

Preparation for the sale will take 1-2 weeks.

It will be a 2-Day Sale.

The clearing of the home will begin immediately after the sale and will be completed within 2 business days, unless otherwise discussed with the homeowner.

Our services include:

  • All prep and set up before the sale, including merchandising, organizing, and pricing items. An appraiser will review pricing if needed.
  • Advertising the sale, including online ads on EstateSales.net, regionally promoted videos and photos, an email to our 10,000+ person database, a Facebook Live video recorded and posted on our Facebook page and EstateSales.net before the sale, and pictures on our Facebook, Instagram, and website. Signs will also be strategically placed (if allowed by HOA) in the neighborhood of the sale.

Before the Sale:

We will be on location 1-2 weeks prior to the sale date to set up. We will do a walkthrough with you to determine any special pricing if required. Additionally, any items that are not for sale must be clearly indicated and marked as such or moved two weeks prior to the sale.

On Sale Day:

We will arrive at 7:00 am, and the sale will begin at 9:00 am. We will have a designated checkout and hold area, and we will ring up every sale via Square Cash Register. We will walk around the sale, watching all items, answering customer questions, pushing sales, and negotiating on pricing. Please note that we accept cash, credit cards, and Venmo. Within ten business days upon conclusion of the sale, we will send a written summary detailing gross and net sale proceeds, fees, and expenses deducted. We will deliver a check to you in the full amount of net proceeds, payable to the signature on the Estate Sale Agreement.

Clearing of the Home:

The home will be completely cleared out after the sale for a flat fee of $350, unless otherwise determined ahead of the sale. If a dumpster or additional trash is required, the homeowner will be responsible for additional costs. This will be determined ahead of the sale.

We look forward to working with you, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.